Hirsh Agarwal

Hirsh Agarwal


I'm currently a fourth-year computer science undergraduate at Edinburgh University. My studies are focused in applied machine learning and biological science. Through several personal projects, I've developed interest and experience in large scale system design and implementation. Along with being a university student I'm interested in photography/videography, music and medicine. In my free time I enjoy learning more about these subjects and producing content when I have the chance.

My experience in university includes being the lead software developer on the Univerity of Edinburgh Hyperloop team HYPED for a year where we went on to win a technical subsystem award from SpaceX in Texas.

I've also spent time working on software development for the Centre for Discover Brain Sciences at Edinburgh University. I developed software for automated image analysis that has spend up tedious tasks by orders of magnitude.

As a co-founder of H2 Micro I’ve had experience with tasks related to running a small business. My primary responsibilities are developing backend systems and working to guide and develop the company’s projects and goals. Our primary product is Medical Crosscheck, an app designed to increase safety and efficiency in medical settings by digitizing critical checklists.

In my role as a backend developer I’ve developed large scale systems primarily running on Amazon Web Services. The technologies we typically employ include Apache, PHP and MySQL. I have developed APIs using this stack as well as others including Python (Django) based systems.